Romanosky System In Roulette

To play the Romanosky system effectively, a minimum of four chips are required. The value of the chips is determined by the player, depending on the budget available. Unlike the James Bond method , where you need a high bankroll of 200 euros, the Romanosky is suitable for all budgets.

Romanonsky System

As we have said before, the Romanonsky system in roulette is easy to understand and apply. You need to bet on two of the three dozen and four numbers. So we have covered 28 of the 37 numbers that make up European roulette. The chances of hitting are really high.

Without further ado, let’s start playing. We bet on two of the three dozen and four numbers from the remaining dozen. Let the roulette spin! As soon as the ball lands on a square, three possible scenarios are contemplated:

  • In the event that the ball lands on one of the four selected numbers, we do not make a profit but no losses. The result is neutral.
  • If the ball lands on one of the numbers out of the chosen dozen, we make a profit. In this case, three tokens are won. In addition to covering the losses of the remaining bets.
  • The worst case scenario is when the ball lands on one of the nine unselected numbers. All chips are lost.


The examples always serve to clarify any doubts. Let’s imagine that we opted for the Romanosky System in roulette. We will have to choose two of the three dozen: 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. And four numbers. In this case, we opt for the first and second dozen and choose four numbers (3,6 and 24, 27). So we have 28 numbers selected out of 37.

Additional Information:

  • It is a simple system.
  • One of the most positive aspects is that the budget is set by the player. It is a method suitable for any pocket. The value of the token will depend on the budget that the user has.
  • The odds of winning are high, since of the 37 available numbers 28 are played.
  • An ideal system for non-expert or beginner players. You don’t need great knowledge about roulette. However, to be efficient it is necessary to follow the guidelines correctly.
  • The gains are not high , but gradual.
  • In order to carry out an efficient game, it is recommended to use 60 chips . At four chips per game, 15 games are played in the worst case scenario.
  • In the classic game it is played with four chips, but there are also other versions where you can bet more chips.
  • It is recommended to play European roulette to have a better chance of winning. In American roulette, as there are two zeros, the chances of success decrease.

Like any game, the Romanosky System in roulette has its risks. Always play responsibly. Make a budget and stick to it. Remember that in games of chance, some days are won and others are lost.

Romanosky System In Roulette

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