What is Escape Rehoboth?

Escape Rehoboth is a fun, interactive game taking place here at the “Nation’s Summer Capital.” While it looks like an ordinary room, it’s much more. Find hidden objects, figure out clues, and solve puzzles to earn your freedom! You have one hour to complete the room, so be quick! Come with your friends, family and coworkers to have a great time.

Adults $20
Students $15

Check out our rooms below!

Wrong Place, Wrong time

It’s 1888, but the last thing you remember was getting on a ride on the boardwalk called “The Time Machine” in 2018. In another unfortunate turn, you’ve landed in the White Chapel district of London, specifically the apartment of Jack the Ripper, one of the world’s first recorded serial killers. Luckily, he’s not home, but don’t get too comfortable… he’ll be home soon. You now have an hour to escape his apartment, find “The Time Machine” and get back to your own time before Jack gets back…

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Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse has finally happened! You’ve been able to survive on your own, but it sure would be nice to be part of a community again. During your travels, you met up with a small group of survivors and you’ve arrived at this abandoned military complex in the hopes of finding temporary shelter and supplies instead of becoming the zombies next meal!!


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In Hot Water

Welcome to In Hot Water, the latest and greatest cooking show! You and your teammates have an hour to create the ultimate three course meal, paired with the perfect wine.  Unfortunately, your competitors want to make sure that doesn’t happen…. Everything in your kitchen has been sabotaged! Guaranteed to be filled with lots of laughs and plenty of surprises, you’ll be sure to cook up some fun! Don’t worry – no cooking skills required!

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The Lost Tomb

While breaking ground to build a new shopping mall, a local construction company stumbled upon something remarkable. Buried beneath their feet was an Egyptian tomb that sunk into the earth thousands of years ago. Archeologists from all over the world gathered here in an effort to solve the mystery of the American Egyptian tomb. Soon people began to disappear. Within an hour they would lose all contact, never to be seen again. Eventually, it was decided even the rescue missions were too risky and the tomb was locked up and abandoned. Can you unlock the secrets to escaping “The Lost Tomb” before you too are lost?

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Your friend Dan Miller has recently returned from a trip around the world, during which he collected artifacts that came with more than memories… they came with curses. He has suddenly disappeared, leaving his motel room in disarray. Here’s where you come in: you’ve arrived at the Forgotten Mile Motel, where he was last seen. The police have done a search, but found no artifacts. You know Dan pretty well – he’s a secretive guy, and very good at hiding things. You need to find those artifacts and break the curse… fast!


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